Morsi and Doma trials adjourned to August
Doma, Maher at the court dock - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Cairo Criminal Court adjourned Wednesday the trials of former President Mohamed Morsi and political activist Ahmed Doma to later dates.

Morsi and several Muslim Brotherhood leaders are charged of espionage and their trial was adjourned to Aug. 17.

The defendants include Morsi and 35 other Brotherhood leaders, all are accused of collaborating with foreign organizations to commit “terrorism” in Egypt, revealing national security secrets to a foreign country, funding “terrorists,” and organizing military training “to achieve the purposes of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Nineteen of the defendants, including Morsi, are in custody while the other 17 are tried in absentia.

Morsi was tried in three other cases, in which he was charged with escaping from Wadi al-Natroun Prison during the January 25 Revolution in 2011, complicity in killing protesters outside Ithadeya presidential palace, and insulting the judiciary.

The other trials considered before the same court, in which 269 defendants including political activist Ahmed Doma, were being accused of breaking the protest law in Dec. 2011 at the Cabinet headquarters. The court postponed the trial to Aug. 4.

The Cabinet incidents left 17 dead and 1,917 injured. Doma was also an activist in the April 6 Movement.

The prosecution accused the 269 suspects of assembling, possessing weapons and Molotov cocktails, assaulting members of Armed Forces and the police, burning the Scientific Council, vandalizing government buildings, and attempting to break into the Ministry of Interior. Some of the suspects were accused of practicing medicine without license.

Doma’s lawyer requested during the trial to be allowed to visit him in his prison cell. He also requested to question the witnesses and discuss with the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) committee that prepared the evidence reports.

Nasr City Court of Misdemeanor ruled Wednesday to sentence two harassers for verbal assaulting a woman to six months in prison.

The same court previously sentenced two men to one year in prison and a 5,000 EGP fine each for verbal harassment.

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