Gov’t and political parties condemn Gaza attacks
Palestinians run after an Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza - REUTERS/Majdi Fathi

CAIRO: Egyptian political parties, forces, and government all condemned the attacks and bombings on Gaza that was officially initiated by the Israeli military Tuesday.

“We announce our full support to the Palestinian intifada,” Al-Aish Wal Horia Party said in a Tuesday statement.

They said that the attacks were based on a suspicious story of the kidnapping three Israeli teenagers and the discovery of their dead bodies. The party believed that the kidnapping caused the abduction of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohamed Abo Khodeir, which resulted in his death as he was burned alive. the military process that came after as a way of taking revenge.

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi called on his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the current events and possible mechanisms that may be available to stop the Arabs’ silence.

Sisi is intent on putting an end to the violent attacks, presidential spokesperson Ehab Bawdy told Al-Watan newspaper Tuesday.

“We are basically working on saving the innocent and civilian Palestinian souls, putting all responsibility on Israeli military, which is against the Geneva conventions and international law,” Badawy added.

Israel had announced the disappearance of three Israeli settlers in the West Bank in June and accused Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of kidnapping them. After a few days, the bodies were found dead, which caused uproar among the Israeli public and resulted in other settlers kidnapping Mohamed Abo Khodeir and burning him alive.

The Israeli military later announced their sweeping process and attacks, claiming that Hamas should be blamed for the deaths.

“Hamas forced Israel to launch this military process; we tried to contain the situation and control it but your [Palestinians] actions are forcing us to start a military response,” Israeli military spokesperson Avichay Adraee said in a video on his Facebook page Wednesday.

Egyptian political figures condemned the bombings that caused the deaths of more than 24 Palestinians on the second day of the attacks, according to Asdaa website.

Several political figures and party members however said that Egypt’s political problems with Hamas is not reason enough to prevent the inhumane action and happenings in Gaza.

“Every honorable person should announce their condemnation towards what is happing now in Gaza; Israel’s crime should not pass without punishment,” Al-Osboa editor-in-chief Mostafa Bakry said on his Twitter account Wednesday.

Nour Party Assistant Chairperson Nader Bakar called on the Egyptian authority Wednesday through Twitter to interfere in the massacre that is happening in Gaza, describing it as “collective punishment against civilians and innocent children.”

Left-wing activist Kamal Khalil criticized the Camp David agreement on his Facebook page Wednesday, explaining that it is one of the main reasons that the Israeli occupation is still controlling over Gaza.

April 6 Movement and Al-Eslah Wal Nahda Party both condemned the continuous bombings and that they are statements that call for the opening of Rafah Border Crossing.

Rafah crossing has been closed indefinitely, especially since the recent problems between Egyptian and Palestinian authorities. The protests and demonstrations in Egypt caused instability, which made prison escapes easier and border crossings without permission. Some of these escapes then help the Muslim Brotherhoods fight against the current Egyptian regime.

Egyptian-Palestinian relations specialist sources told Youm7 that the crossing is going to be open by 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Consular Taha Al-Khateb told Youm 7 that hospitals in North Sinai announced a state of emergency to be announced as soon as the Egyptian authority gives permission to open Rafah crossing.

“Egypt represents the strongest ally for Palestinian and Egypt’s interference will bring peace,” Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization member Hana Emira said in a statement Wednesday.

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