Egypt Press review: July 10
Egyptian Press

Youm7 press


  • Ministry of Transportation to increase train ticket prices by 15 to 20 percent, and double metro ticket prices
  • State seizes funds of 737 Muslim Brotherhood members, 1,102 affiliated organizations and 81 schools, Mahlab demands employees’ rights ensured
  • Minister of Tourism: first group of German tourists arrives to Sharm el-Sheikh on Aug.2
  • Washington Institute disapproves of US policies to support the Egyptian army
  • Minister of Finance: 61 billion EGP saved by reduction of government subsidies and increase in taxes

Al-Ahram press


  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Arab states will discuss Israeli escalation and initiatives to stop attacks on Gaza
  • Mahlab meets with Ministers Cabinet: campaigns to monitor market price regulation, Ministry of Supply to provide goods at reasonable prices for low income citizens
  • Sisi calls on media to increase awareness on recent economic decisions
  • Vice-president of Constitutional Court rejects UN calls to end death penalty

Akhbar press


  • Minister of Electricity: adjustment of price increase on electricity charges to take into consideration low income categories, new strategies for energy production to depend on multiple sources: mainly wind, solar, coal and nuclear
  • Citizens face high prices on food
  • Free Egyptians Party will not join Amr Moussa’s political party alliance
  • Alliances in political parties face problems of competition for leadership, and parliamentary seats representation percentages

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

  • Sisi to attend American-African summit starting August
  • Central Bank: Egypt’s foreign debt reaches $ 1.6 billion
  • Public companies increase prices on transportation of food by 20 percent
  • 50,000 Egyptian pilgrims don’t receive Saudi visa entries causing 150 miillion EGP in losses to travel agencies
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