Egypt will establish waterway linking Nile Basin countries: Irrigation Min.
Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hossam Moghazi - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt is about to establish a  waterway linking Nile Basin countries, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hossam Moghazi said in Friday phone interview on CBC Extra channel.

The project “will revive Egypt’s economic and morale relations.”

“Egypt was tasked with studying this collaborative project by African countries due to its economic effect of boosting the continent’s economy as a whole,” Moghazi said. The project will be completed in December.  Moghazi  announced that Nasser Lake will be the project’s center as its capacity to store water is “limitless.”

“The project will depend on the shipping traffic in Suez Canal to provide a waterway closer to African countries instead of the Red Sea road. This will save time for the ships cruising to Africa,” Al-Shorouk newspaper reported Moghazi as saying Thursday.

Moghazi said some Nile Basin countries do not have access to the sea and do not overlook the international port; this project will contribute to link these countries with ports and facilitate the exploitation of their agricultural, mining, and animal resources.

“This is one of the most important and dangerous projects that can be implemented at this stage,” Moghazi stressed.

In 2010, Egypt and Sudan withdrew from the Nile Basin initiative when Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania signed a new Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement. The new agreement would increase these countries’ share at the expense of Egypt and Sudan’s water share.

Egypt and Sudan did not sign the agreement since experts said it could result in smaller shares of Nile water and was against the interests of both countries, who currently collectively receive a 90 percent share.

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi visited Sudan on June 27 to discuss bilateral relations.

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