Decision to expel Cairo University students challenged before court
Cairo University - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Students Union of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University will challenge the university’s decision to permanently expel three students over “sabotageing” before the Administrative Court next week, according to the union’s Thursday statement.

“We will not pave the way for the university’s administration to do injustice to anyone, anytime. We all pledge once again to bring about justice,” the statement reported.

The three students, all female, are senior Rasha Ahmed, juniors Mariam Abdel Latif and Hafsa al-Mekawi.

Mekawi told Youm7 that the decision is void because she did not appear before Cairo University’s legal affairs department.

“We will not allow that the students’ future, security and freedom to remain under constant threat from officials who are wither negligent, careless, or oppressive,” the statement read.

Ahmed was one of the brightest students in her class and had hopes to become a faculty demonstrator, according to the statement and that she had no political approach and was indiscriminately expelled.

The Faculty of Economics and Political Science received the expulsion decree on June 15 but did not inform the students until Thursday when they went there to receive their spring term results.

The student union denounced the faculty administration for not questioning the grounds of the expulsion or notifying the students to take action since June 15.

On May 3, Cairo University president Gaber Nassar told Al-Hayat TV that 173 students were not allowed to take exams because they had been permanently dismissed.

Anti-government protests at Cairo University were rampant during the year 2013/2014, leading to casualties among students.

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