Project to reclaim 4 million acres in Egypt
Ibrahim Mahlab, Egypt's Prime Minister - YOUM7/Ahmed Ramdan

CAIRO: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab held a meeting Tuesday to discuss measures to execute a project to reclaim 4 million acres of land, Egynews reported.

This project is part of government efforts to expand agricultural lands all over the country and to increase the amount of crops directed for exporting.

The ministers of planning, finance, irrigation and agriculture attended the meeting and agreed to start executing the land reclamation project. The first stage of the project will target 1 million acres in Farafra, Dakhla and Siwa Oasis.

The ministers talked about the total cost of reclamation and sources of irrigation, and Mahlab stressed the importance of checking the water supply in the target areas to make sure it is enough to execute the project.

The prime minister also requested a list of companies that have the necessary equipment and expertise to drill water wells, and he gave directions to the ministers of agriculture and irrigation to cooperate with concerned authorities to make a map of agriculture development.

The first stage is expected to be launched at the start of August.

Government sources told Vetogate Friday that the project’s water will be 80 percent groundwater, and the rest will be from the Nile. The project is expected to last three years.

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