Egypt’s former king condemns ‘Saraya Abdeen’ serial
King Ahmed Fouad II - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: King Ahmed Fouad II, the last king of Egypt before the 1952 23 July Revolution that ended the monarchy, said in a Friday statement he was critical of the “Saraya Abdeen” Ramadan television series, describing it as a “historical farce” that must be stopped.

“Lately, I’ve been watching this series called ‘Saraya Abdeen’ that I thought would be displaying the real achievements of King Ismail, who was the most important ruler during Egypt’s modern era, but unfortunately the producers only focused on fake parts, that don’t exist except inside their minds and insult the king’s memory,” King Fouad said in his statement, which was published on social media.

He said he believes the show intends to ruin the image of the former royal family. King Fouad added that justifying the series by saying that it is only inspired from a true story will not exempt anyone from responsibility.

“Saraya Abdeen” is just one of many historical series that have been made based on the life of the real-life Khedive Ismail and his Mohamed Ali dynasty. Khedive Ismail ruled in the late 19th century. A Ramadan 2007 show depicted the story of King Farouk, King Fouad’s father.

The series from Kuwaiti writer Heba Mishary Hamada reportedly cost $20 million and features a cast of 250 Arab actors.

King Fouad came to the throne as an infant following the abdication of his father, and was in power for only a year before the monarchy was dissolved in 1952 by the Free Officers movement, which included later presidents Mohamed Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat. The 62-year-old King Fouad has lived most of his life in Switzerland, and has three children.

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