11 political parties demand Sisi to permanently open Rafah crossing
The Rafah border crossing with Gaza - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A number of political parties and forces urged President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and the government to permanently open the Rafah Border Crossing following Israel’s deadly attacks against Palestinians on the sixth day.

The eleven political parties and forces condemned in their Sunday statement that Israel’s aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip is against “humanity.” They then saluted and respected the valor of the Palestinian popular resistance.

Israel has been shelling on Gaza Strip for the sixth day on Sunday, raising the death toll to 165 and 1,092 wounded, according to the Palestinian health ministry. The Israeli army announced that it launched more than 200 airstrikes on Gaza Strip Saturday night.

Despite Hamas’s rockets fired towards Israel cities, there were no Israeli deaths so far, according to international media reports; at least five have been injured by Hamas’ rocket and missile attacks.

The signed parties included Dostor Party, Popular Current, the popular socialist alliance, the Social Democratic Egyptian Party, and many others called to support and show Egyptian solidarity with the Palestinian people by opening the crossing, not just for during the aggression but permanently.

The Rafah Border Crossing is matter of life for the Palestinian people, the statement reported.

Egyptian authorities temporarily opened the border crossing Saturday to accept more injured Palestinians and stranded Egyptians to cross. The Egyptian authorities opened the crossing for only one day on Thursday and closed it on Friday without reason.

According to the state owned news agency MENA, the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo announced that the Egyptian authorities decided to open the crossing for three days starting Sunday for the travel of the thirteenth regiment of pilgrims from Gaza Strip. It will be opened for the pilgrims of the twelfth regiment and the stranded Egyptians coming from Gaza.

The parties announced opening their headquarters to receive donations for aid convoy to Gaza to be launched next week.

The parties also decided to hold a press conference Tuesday at the Dostor Party headquarters to announce their stance regarding Israel’s aggression to the Egyptian people.

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