Supreme Council of Universities discuss university regulation law
Cairo University - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Minister of High education Sayed Abdel Khalek announced that the university regulation law is in its final phases of preparation and will help set a new strategy for high education in Egypt, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported Sunday.

The decision was made during the National Forum for faculty members, ancillary staff, and youth welfare officials at universities and institutes at Abu Qir on Saturday evening.

“For the first time in Egypt, a whole chapter is written for the universities regulating law to regulate medical care, financial care, and salaries of university employees,” Abdel Khalek said during the forum and that people on pension will also be put into consideration.

The students’ list of rules is being revised by the minister to regain respect between students and professors, which he said is the core of the education system. Egypt will not improve without developing the entire education system, Youm7 quoted Abdel Khalek as saying.

The council intended to increase the number of faculties of medicine by 20 to be able to take the increased number of high school graduates of science section of 2014, secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities Asharf Hatem told Youm7.

A source in the Ministry of High Education said the council suggested making an exception by specifying officers who graduated from the faculty of sports education to take over the security roles in universities. The suggestion was refused by the Ministry of Interior for security reasons, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Sayed Abdel Khalek said during the forum that university guards will not return unless there was a judicial decree because it was cancelled by a judicial decree in the first place. Rioters will not be allowed by the Ministry of High Education to sabotage universities, Veto Gate reported Sunday.

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