Egyptian and Emirati humanitarian aid arrives in Gaza
A second shipment of Egyptian humanitarian aid to Gaza through Rafah crossing - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Egyptian Army sent a second shipment of humanitarian aid to Gaza through Rafah crossing, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Five cargos with a total of 100 tons of food aid was handed over Sunday to the Palestinian Red Crescent, an anonymous source told Youm7.

Egypt’s Army also sent Saturday 5 cargos of the humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Crescent, following orders by Minister of Defense Sedky Sobhy Friday to send 500 tons of supplies and medicine.

More than 170 Palestinian have been killed and 1260 injured since the beginning of Israeli ongoing offensive on Gaza strip, heath officials from Gaza told BBC Sunday.

Israeli raids on Gaza began since July 1 a day after Israel found the bodies of the three kidnapped settlers in West Bank. The body of Palestinian Mohamed Khodeir, 16, was found mutilated and burned, in what is widely seen as a revenge killing for the death of the Israelis.

The Arish Airport in Sinai is also preparing to receive the first UAE airlift of food and medicines to the people of Gaza, a source at the airport said Sunday.

The Emirati humanitarian aid will be unloaded in the airport and then goes to Gaza under the supervision of the Egyptian Red Crescent, he added.

A delegation from the UAE Red Crescent arrived Sunday afternoon to the Gaza Strip, headed by the Minister of Endowment Hamdan Al Mazroui. The delegation includes 15 doctors and 9 members from the ministry, including a number of journalists.

The UAE announced Friday it would donate $52 million in aid for Palestinians. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan said in a statement, “this comes to show the support of his country to the strong Palestinians who are standing until now in front of Israeli military strikes.”

Egypt opened the Rafah crossing for 12 hours Thursday for receiving the injured Palestinians; 4 cases were admitted Sunday to Arish Public Hospital and Peace Hospital of Cairo, according to head of the Urgent Care and Ambulance Department in the Ministry of Health Mohamed Sultan.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Hussein.

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