163 charged in Aswan tribal clashes
Attorney General Hisham Barakat - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: State prosecution has accused 163 people of being involved in the fierce tribal clashes that took place between the Beni Helal family and the Daboud Nubian tribe in April, which left 25 dead and injured 44 others, according to a statement released Monday.

The clashes were due to mutual insults between the youth of both tribes, and graffiti on walls.

Some of the corpses were burned.

The prosecution brought charges of violent acts, sabotage and clashes against 163 people, 82 from the Daboud Nubian tribe and 81 from the Beni Helal family.

Security forces have so far rounded up 34 Daboud members and 32 Beni Helal members, and seized firearms, ammunitions and bladed weapons, the report said.

However, some of the arrested denied accusations when they were interrogated.

The prosecution said 65 houses, eight shops, three vehicles, six motorbikes and four barns were burned.

Attorney General Hisham Barakat referred the 163 defendants to criminal court.

The prosecution added that 66 suspects are in custody, while the other 97 are fugitives. Three previously arrested in the case have been released due to lack of evidence against them.

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