Egypt launches initiative to cease Israel-Palestine conflict
A Palestinian man looks at debris and remains of cars after an Israeli air strike in Gaza - REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

CAIRO: Egypt launched Monday an initiative aiming to end the week-old conflict between Gaza and Israel after the beginning of the Israeli military operation that garnered the lives of many Palestinians so far and injured many more, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.According to Sky News, about 185 Palestinians were killed while thousands were reportedly injured following the initiation of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, which Israel claimed was initially launched against the Palestinian militant group Hamas

As reported by Youm7, the Egyptian initiative launched by the Foreign Ministry works to achieve Palestinian ambitions in building an independent state on the borders of 1967 with its capital being East Jerusalem.

The terms of the initiative as published on Youm7 stipulated Egypt’s call for immediate ceasefire from both sides; Israel and all Palestinian factions should stop hostilities via air, water and land. It also noted that all borders should be opened for the passage of persons and goods.

It was determined in the initiative that discussions over the truce will take place between the two sides on Tuesday, July 15 at 6 am. If the two sides agree to the terms of the truce without conditions, a ceasefire will start 12 hours following the declaration of the Egyptian initiative’s success.

Within the framework of the initiative, Egypt will receive high profile figures from both Palestinian and Israeli governments in Cairo to continue discussions with the two parties separately.

In response to the initiative, member of the executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Ahmed el-Megdalany commented to MENA Tuesday saying “the initiative came in time in order to stop the bloodshed of Palestinians as well as halt Israeli aggression.”

“Egypt had a big role in all crises the Palestinian case faced; especially during aggression against our people,” added el-Megdalany as he praised the timing of the Egyptian initiative.

On the other hand, the Palestinian militant group Hamas, against which the Israeli military operation was launched, announced that it did not receive any official initiatives for ceasefire in Gaza, according to Sky News.

Arab League Council members held an urgent meeting Monday, where they called for acting swiftly to put an end to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They warned, in a report, of the negative effects that could follow the Israeli escalation and the lack of reaction by the international community.

Additional Reporting by Amal Raslan 

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