Egyptian Embassy in Berlin restores 3,300-yr-old ancient limestone relief
Photo courtesy of Egyptian embassy in Berlin official Facebook page

CAIRO:  The Egyptian Embassy in Berlin recovered a 3,300-yr-old ancient Egyptian limestone relief that was stolen from the tomb of a high priest in the west bank of Luxor, el-Balad reported Wednesday.

The German couple bought the artifacts in 1986 from a British antiquity collector and offered it to the University of Bonn’s museum of Egyptian antiquities, el-Balad reported, and a German archaeologist, Johannes Onmuller, realized it had been stolen from the tomb of Sobekhotep, in the tombs of the Nobles in Luxor’s west bank.

Sobekhotep was a high priest and high official lived during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmosis IV (1401B.C – 1391 B.C.)

The limestone relief measure 30cm by40 cm and shows two figures of Sobekhotep standing and making offerings to ancient Egyptian deities.

Egypt’s Embassy stated on its website that itsAmbassador Mohamed Hegazy held a celebration on the occasion of restoring the artifact where he praised the couple for returning the limestone relief.

Hegazy called on antiquity collectors to return the monuments they own voluntarily to where they belonged.

He also called German authorities to cooperate with the Egyptian authorities to protect its legal heritage in accordance with the UNESCO agreement Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing Illicit Import.

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