Press Syndicate to hold conference to support Gaza
Press Syndicate headquarter - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Freedom Committee at the Journalists’ Syndicate in coordination with the Public Committee to Support Gaza announced they would convene Wednesday evening a press conference at the syndicate headquarters in downtown Cairo in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, according to a press release on Wednesday.

Representatives from a number of parties, including Misr al-Qawiya, Dostor, and The Popular Current are scheduled to attend.

“We send our greetings and full respect to the heroic Palestinian resistance that stands in front of the Israeli attack which has been denounced by every humanist conscience,” Al-Aish w Al-Horya stated Sunday.

Amr Moussa, the former head of the 50-member committee, as well a former advisor to President Sisi’s electoral campaign, issued a statement last week calling the events in Gaza “a shame to all humanity,” and demanded that an international response not ignore Palestinian demands.

“As an Arab nation we should stand-up for Palestine, and end our silence toward them,” Moussa said.

More than 40 Egyptian NGOs previously issued a statements condemning the attack on Gaza and called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to arrange an urgent meeting to force Israel stop its attacks.

Egypt brokered a cease-fire Monday evening, about a week after Israel began an bombing campaign in the West Bank, but Israel announced Tuesday it would “resume operational activities” after it said Hamas had continued rocket fire.

Mona Ezzat, head of Al-aish w Alhorya party media office told the Cairo post that the conference that is going to be holed today in the journalism Syndicate is just a political public conference attended by a huge number of parties and public figures who are going to say speeches about the forms of political support and solidarity with Gaza.

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