Woman dies after hospital turned her away for not paying upfront for treatment
Egypt's Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: A woman died Wednesday in Egypt’s Delta governorate of al- Sharqia over chronic heart failure after a hospital turned her away for not paying a treatment deposit of 4,000 EGP ($570), Youm7 reported.

The incident comes days after Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab issued a decision that compels private and public hospitals to provide free medical treatment for emergency cases.

The victim’s husband tried to solve the problem and paid all he had at the moment which was 1,500 EGP but the hospital’s administration refused to let her in, according to Youm7.

A number of people in the hospital collected 2,500 EGP to help the woman in getting the required treatment but it was apparently too late as the woman died.

The husband filed a police report against the hospital blaming it for the death of his wife. The hospital manager had denied the accusation.

Minister of Health Dr. Adel el-Adawy demanded that the relatives of the victim should take legal action.

“If the case was proved,  strict procedure will be taken against the hospital and those who caused this will be punished,” Adawy told Youm7.

A number of hospitals fell under scrutiny in June, after a victim of a brutal sexual assault was refused admission because she could not pay upfront for treatment.

In January, a 20 year- old man died in a hospital in Cairo’s district of Nasr City after the doctor stipulated a deposit payment of 20,000 EGP before a surgery is operated.

According to Mahlab’s decision, the treatment is free for the first 48 hours during which hospitals are required to contact the family of the injured. After the first 48 hours, patients at private hospitals would be given two options; they would either stay and pay treatment expenses or be transferred to the nearest public hospital.

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