Interior ministry to reinstate night watchman to improve security status
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CAIRO : Ministry of Interior announced the reinstatement of the traditional night watchman, known as (Askary al-Dark) to the streets across the country in order tackle the security lapse and restore order and security, al-Shorouk reported Thursday.

In a phone call to Set al-Hosn TV show Wednesday, Major General Abu Bakr abd el-Karim praised the decision saying that we need this security system that was canceled years ago.

“The return of the night watchman, who used to walk in Cairo streets late night with his rifle and whistle, will achieve a notable progress in the security status,” said Karim who added that the interior ministry plans to allow those soldiers to work in better conditions with developed equipments.

“The ministry has already assigned a group of its soldiers, with a medium level of education, and trained them for the new post. As a pilot scheme, the night watchman will be positioned in certain areas in downtown Cairo,” Karim said.

Askary al-Dark job description is basically to monitor certain areas or regions at night to prevent robbery and other night crimes particularly in front of the military areas, ministries, embassies, banks, police stations and clubs.

Deputy Director of the general administration of investigation in Cairo, Major General Essam saad said in a statement to al-Bawaba news Wednesday the decision was taken after a long sessions and meetings to put firm rules in order to end the daily violence in the streets, protect civilians and respond to their callings for help anytime.

Saad told al-Bawaba news that those soldiers will be armed, inelegant with high fitness standards to be able of chasing criminals and protect others.

 Security expert Mohamed al-Gobary told al-wafd news paper Wednesday that the return of those soldiers will raise the safety levels in the streets by 20%, assuring that he deeply agrees with the return of the night watchman

On the other hand, the decision is criticized by others who believe it is a “retreat and a setback” in the security system that would not help improving the security status.

“It’s silly a decision as we should be developing and improving our security system. This solution lacks credibility. We should work harder to find other alternatives” General Fouad Alam, former agent of the state security investigations told al-wafd news paper Wednesday.

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