Clashes in front of the Israeli Ambassador’s house in Cairo
Protesters Burning Israeli Flag - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Clashes erupted between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and house guards of the Israeli Ambassador in Cairo on Thursday evening, Youm7 reported.

The demonstrators sparked fireworks towards the ambassador’s house, which is located in the district of Maadi in southern Cairo.

The Israeli ambassador Haim Koren left Egypt on July 10, to spend his weekly holiday in Tel Aviv, but it’s not clear when he will come back.

Several Egyptian political parties had called on the Egyptian authorities to expel the ambassador in response to the brutal Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip which started on July 8, killing some 240 Palestinian civilians and injuring 1770, while only one death of an Israeli soldier was reported so far.

Egypt introduced a cease fire initiative on Monday, but it was rejected by Hamas, despite Israel accepting the proposal.

The demonstrators set fire to the Israeli flag and chanted against Israel’s ground incursion.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced starting a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip to target Hamas’s spots.

New York Times reporter Anne Barnard said on her Twitter account Friday morning that she saw four kids killed by Israeli strikes.

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Israel says it has carried out more than 1,960 attacks on Gaza since the beginning of Protective Edge Operations, while Hamas has fired some 1,380 rockets at Israel, according to BBC World News.

The latest Israeli raids on Gaza began July 1, a day after Israeli authorities found the bodies of three kidnapped settlers in the West Bank.

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