Palestinian Authority condemns “smear campaign” against Egypt’s aid to Gaza
Egyptian truck of aid en route to Gaza - YOUM7/Mohamed Awad

CAIRO: The Palestinian Authority denounced what it called a “smear campaign” against Egyptian aid recently sent for the relief for Palestinians amid the ongoing Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip, MENA reported Friday.

Pictures of expired food packed in boxes with captions that read “dedicated from the Egyptian army” were circulated on social media. Those who posted the pictures claimed it was the same aid sent last week by the Egyptian army to Palestinians during the Israeli military operation 11 days ago.

“We understand that Egyptian aid [to Gaza] was part of the supplies were prepared by the Egyptian military forces. They were distributed in the Egyptian markets in occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and are the same quality of the distributed to Egyptians,” spokesperson of the Palestinian Authority presidency Nabil Abu Rudeinah said.

He further praised Egypt’s stance and assistance to the Palestinians amid the ongoing conflict.

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza has killed more than 260 Palestinians and left more than 2,000 injured since the beginning of the widely condemned military operation, according to news media reports. In response, Hamas fired back rockets on Israel, some of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Aiming to stem bloodshed, Egypt launched a proposal for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine’s Hamas, which was accepted by Israeli but rejected by Hamas.

Another initiative was proposed by the U.N. for a temporary truce but was similarly broken by the launching rockets by the two sides. Israel announced Friday it began a ground operation in Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Egypt Tuesday to address the latest developments of the ongoing conflict. He is scheduled to leave to Turkey on July 18.

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