Campaign targets 25M living in slum conditions
Slums in Egypt - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A public campaign called “Min Byheb Masr” (Who loves Egypt?) has launched a strategy to rehabilitate an estimated 25 million slum dwellers by giving them food and providing basic needs.

Hamdy Arafa, the Chairman of the Local Development of the campaign told The Cairo Post their priority would be to relocate those living in grave sites to more suitable homes.

“The campaign discussed with [Minister of Urban Development Laila Iskandar the possibility of making an agreement between its ministry and the ministers of communication and interior to establish service facilities for education and security. People live in the slums with no pensions, IDs or rights. Being with them to give them the things they need now is too late, ” Arafa said.

Hussein Hassan, the founder of the public campaign told Al-Tahrir newspaper that they have representatives in different 27 governorate working to meet the needs of the low income people in the different slums in all of Egypt.

Hassan told Al Bawaba news Thursday that the number of the slum dwellers has reached more than 25 million, distributed in different 27 governorates.

The campaign, has meet previously with Minister Iskandar demanding new strategies to end  slums in Egypt, suggesting the annexation of the National Organization for Urban Harmony to the Ministry of Urban Development instead of the Culture Ministry.

The slum dwellers face a number of difficulties, including dangerous housing; hundreds died in a Moqattam slum in 2008 when a boulder fell from a nearby hill, causing a landslide.

“There are 364 unsafe areas in Egypt and 1,099 unofficial markets, comprising 37.5% of Egypt’s urban cluster” Laila Iskandar said in a conference last Monday.

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