Gaza aid convoy denied entry
A number of Egyptian activists near Journalist syndicat before their trip to Gaza - YOUM7/Kareem Abdelaziz

CAIRO: Egyptian authorities in Sinai have denied Saturday entry to Egypt’s popular aid convoy into Gaza Strip over security concerns, Youm7 reported.

Security forces stopped the aid convoy at Balouza check point, 150 km south west of Rafah border crossing where the convoy was scheduled to be delivered to Palestinian people.

A number of Egyptian activists decided last week to prepare a popular aid convoy of food supplies and medical equipments and send it to Gaza in support for the Palestinian people.

The 11-bus convoy, along with several activists was denied access further to the Rafah border crossing under the pretext of not having an official permit, according to al-Watan.

Prominent Dostour Party leader, Gamila Ismail, one of the convoy participants said that armed forces in the check point said that they were not informed about the convoy, according to al-Watan.

Lawyer and activist, Khaled Ali told Youm7 the convoy members have not coordinated with stakeholders and that the coordination was between the Dar el-Shifa hospital and the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The Israeli bombardment on Gaza has reportedly killed 316 and injured 2283, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. The Israeli offensive claimed to target Hamas while the United Nations said in a Friday report that 77 percent of the dead were civilians.

The Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip was opened Saturday to receive Palestinians injured in the Israeli airstrike, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

The border crossing was opened to allow cross-border aid deliveries and facilitate the crossing of the stranded and bearers of foreign passports from both sides, official source told Youm7.

The Rafah crossing has been closed for most of the time since the military ouster of Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

Additional Reporting by:  Mohamed el-Sayed and Mohamed Hussein.

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