7pm News Wrapup July 19

News & Politics:

Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip Saturday to receive Palestinians injured in Israeli airstrikes and allow aid deliveries.

Egyptian authorities in Sinai have denied entry to Egypt’s popular aid convoy into the Gaza Strip over security concerns.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced Saturday that Ireland lifted a travel ban to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Two people drowned Saturday morning when a fishing boat carrying 71 illegal immigrants and heading to Italy sank in the Mediterranean near Egypt’s Delta governorate of Kafr el-Sheikh.


The International Fairs and Promotions group (IFP) announced the launch of two international commercial exhibitions: Food Africa, for food and drinks, as well as Project Egypt for building materials, techniques and environmental protection in Cairo in early 2015.


Women’s organizations nominate women to represent party lists in upcoming parliamentary elections.

Editor’s pick:

CPJ: Israeli airstrikes injure three journalists, as Israel warns reporters it will bear no responsibility for their injuries or deaths.

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