Gov’t will not disclose names of MB businesses seized
Zad supermarket - Photo courtesy of Zad supermarket official facebook page

CAIRO: The government will not disclose the names of companies owned by Muslim Brotherhood leaders that it has seized and will manage, al-Mal newspaper reported Friday.

The committee tasked with managing and seizing Muslim Brotherhood funds, headed by advisor Ezzat Khamis, ruled June 15 to seize the assets of the Seoudi and Zad supermarket chains, alleging that the chains were owned by Brotherhood leaders.

Wadea’ Hanna, Secretary General of the committee tasked with managing and seizing Muslim Brotherhood funds told al-Mal Friday that they would not disclose the company names to avoid any acts of violence against the properties.

The Egyptian Company for Wholesale that declared undertaking the administration of Zad and Seoudi has been affected negatively, Hanna said.

On June 17, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Rassd network said a group of fired employees at Zad, Seoudi and other companies restrained by the Egyptian government created a movement called Wahda b Wahda (an Egyptian proverb that referring to an eye for an eye) to incite sabotage in a number of famous markets.

The committee tasked with managing and seizing Muslim Brotherhood funds, confiscated Friday morning 66 entities owned by Muslim Brotherhood leaders headed by Khairat al-Shater and Hassan Malek’s shops.

“The supermarket chains will be delivered to one of the State’s holding companies in order to run them without harming workers,” Hanna said, adding that workers’ salaries and entitlements will not be cut.

“The commercial registration of Seoudi and Zad supermarket chains cannot be cancelled unless there is a declaration of bankruptcy,” an official source inside the Chamber of Commerce told Al-Masry Al-Youm on June 15.

On Sept. 17, 3013, the North Cairo Criminal Court upheld a decision by the attorney general to freeze the assets of prominent MB leaders along with several other Islamist politicians, including Muslim Brotherhood Supreme GuideMohamed Badie and his deputies Shater and Rashad Bayoumi. On March 12, the committee decided to transfer the management of 22 of the group’s NGOs to the government.

The assets of 748 Brotherhood members had been frozen as of Jan. 28, Youm7 reported.

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