Moroccans in Egypt protests against anchor who insulted King Mohammed VI
Amany el-Khayat - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  Members of the Moroccan community in Egypt organized a protest Sunday at 1 p.m. outside the Moroccan Embassy in Cairo to denounce the apology of television anchor Amany el-Khayat for disparaging comments she made about Morocco and Moroccan King Mohammed VI, Al-Watan reported.

Khayat said last Wednesday on ONTV that Morocco’s economy is based on prostitution and that the country had an “ambiguous role” and shared governance with Islamists during the Arab Spring because the “young king there does not have time for the public to protest.”

ONTV Chairman Albert Shafiq released a press statement apologizing to the Moroccan people and King Mohammed VI regarding Khayat’s comments, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Shafiq said such mistakes are unacceptable and that his apology on behalf of the channel would be accepted, Youm7 added. Shafiq also contacted the Moroccan Embassy in Cairo and asked the Moroccan ambassador to appear on the ONTV program “Al-Sada Al-Mohtaramoun” (The Respectable Gentlemen) with anchor Youssef al-Husseiny.

Khayat appeared on air Sunday morning, gave an 11-minute apology, said that her words might have been misunderstood and that all she meant was that some people—like Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal—misuse religion to achieve political gains, and misuse people like Moroccans, whom he called on to free Palestine in a video he published before the latest fighting with Israel began in Gaza.

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