Egyptian media blames Qatar for ‘offensive’ caricature
Photo courtesy of 90 minutes program screen shot

CAIRO: Egyptian media and social media users react negatively to a caricature claimed to be Qatari that portrays Egypt as a fat man standing in front of a high wall and cannot pass through a small door, a metaphor for the situation of Egypt’s incompetence to apply its cease-fire proposal between Israel and Hamas, Veto reported Monday.

The caricature was displayed on many talk shows on Sunday, including 90 Minutes TV program, hosted by Mustafa Shordy, who criticized it and claimed that it was published by a Qatari newspaper. The offense in this caricature will not be easy to forget, he said and warned “beware of provoking Egyptians.”

Many activists on social media, including Arabs from different nationalities, did not find the caricature funny. Many described it as “unacceptable and unforgivable.”

Lebanese musician Ziad al-Rhabani said tweeted on Sunday that there is no comparison between Egypt and Qatar in anyway.

“Anyone who thinks they can compare Qatar to Egypt is absolutely stupid and insane. Egypt is the national and international military with historical power. Qatar represents only the sport TV channels,” Rhabani said.

Other activists called onto Egypt to take a more firm decision as a response for the offensive caricature.

Egypt had offered last week a proposal for cease-fire between Hamas and Israel but was refused by Hamas; Qassam Brigades described it as “kneeling and submissive.” The proposal was welcomed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, along with many political figures and countries.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters in Cairo Saturday that he believed the Egyptian initiative was a “good proposition” and still on the table. France announced its full support to the initiative last week.

Another inactive was offered by Qatar and Turkey on Saturday, Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper reported. The Palestinian resistance set its own terms for a truce with Israel but nothing else was reported further about Israel’s approval or rejection.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip  Erdoğan told reporters after Egypt’s announcement of their proposal  initiative that “[Egyptian President Abdel Fatah] al-Sisi is a tyrant,” AFP reported Friday.

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