General Secretariat of HPEC will be formed Monday
Egyptian Parliament - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  The High Parliamentary Elections Committee (HPEC) will meet Monday, headed by Judge Ayman Abbas, in the second preparatory meeting to prepare for the upcoming Parliament, Al-Shorouk reported Monday.

The General Secretariat of High Parliamentary Elections Committee will be formed during the meeting, the committee’s official spokesperson Judge Medaht Idrees told Al-Shorouk. The formation will be based on consultations with the secretary general and will be chosen from members of the judiciary, and the Ministries of Interior, Administrative Development, and Communications.

Idrees said calling for the elections by end of the meeting is unlikely because the electoral procedure prior to the elections is still unfinished. He said that the committee cannot call for elections except after organizing with all bodies and ministries that will supervise the elections.

A judicial source told Al-Shorouk that the real problem the committee will face is expats voting because voting by mail was cancelled. In this case, every Egyptian embassy or consulate will have to have many electoral boxes to receive votes from expats of different governorates and each governorate is divided into about nine electoral circles.

The High Committee is responsible for the decrees and procedure regarding expat elections, Ministry of Foreign Affairs official spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty told The Cairo Post Monday. The ministry is only responsible for telling the committee reports about the number of expats and situations to help the committee take the right decisions for expat votes.

The first committee meeting was held Wednesday and revealed that it specified the rules to choose members of the general secretariat. The committee also discussed ways of cooperation between the committee and different ministries that supervise the elections, Al-Ahram Gate reported on July 16.

According to the 2014 constitution, SEC must invite people to cast their votes in the parliamentary ballot within six months after the ratification of the constitution; the grace period ended on Friday.

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