No humanitarian aid sent to Gaza since beginning of the truce
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CAIRO: Since the 12-hour truce between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip came into force at 08:00 a.m. (05:00 GMT) Saturday, Gaza Strip has not received any humanitarian aid, senior communications officer in the WHO’s Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean, Rana Sidani told The Cairo Post.

Sidani said that she expects more humanitarian aids to arrive in Gaza before the end of the truce adding that during the past 48 hours, Gaza received no aid except for two Yemini planes carrying medical aid and foodstuff.

“There are many medical rooms inside Gaza, but the deteriorated situation prevents the aids from reaching these rooms,” Sidani said.

The aid is being given to the Palestinian Ministry of Health to be distributed among the hospitals in Gaza, she added.

Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza has not received any humanitarian aid so far since the beginning of the truce; however, the Egyptian authorities at the crossing will later issue a statement on the number of the shipments expected to enter into Gaza.

Twenty humanitarian aid convoys from Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have entered Gaza Friday.

More than 900 Palestinian were killed and 5,870 were injured since the beginning of the Israeli Operation Protective Edge on Gaza on July 8.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said the bodies of more than 70 Palestinians were recovered from rubble across Gaza Strip on Saturday, according to AFP.

The Israeli Army announced that 37 Israeli soldiers killed.

The latest Israeli raids on Gaza began July 1, a day after Israel found the bodies of three kidnapped settlers in the West Bank. The body of Palestinian Mohamed Abo Khodeir, 16, was found mutilated and burned, in what is widely seen as a revenge killing for the death of the Israelis.

Hamas started launching rockets into Israel in its latest campaign on July 4.

Additional Reporting by Mohamed Hussein

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    July 31, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Egypt’s participation in Israel’s blockade is disgusting. Time for another Arab Spring?

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