Breaking: 2 children reportedly killed in mortar explosion in Rafah
A gunman holds his weapon - AP

CAIRO: Two children were killed and three other people were injured after a mortar shell hit their house in the town of Al-Mahdeya in south Rafah in North Sinai near the Gaza-Egypt border, Youm7 reported Saturday.

Youm7 further stated that the three injured people were a woman and two children, adding that authorities were investigating the source of the shell.

Palestinian Al-Quds news reported that four children were killed in the attack, which was allegedly conducted by armed gangs targeting Egyptian security forces. Sky News Arabia also reported the same death toll.

The attack took place in Al-Goura, northern Sinai, close to a U.N. peacekeeper camp.

Sky News also reported in breaking news the killing of 14 gunmen and the arrest of 47 others. Military forces conducted several raids in North Sinai Saturday after two security officers were shot dead Friday.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Hussein.

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