Hamas says it accepts 24-hour truce to start on Sunday afternoon
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal - AFP/Skayhan Ozer

CAIRO:  Hamas declared its decision to abide by a 24-hour truce, called for by the international community, after Saturday’s truce was intercepted on Sunday morning.

“In response to the U.N. and in consideration for the situation of our people and the occasion of Eid, it has been agreed among resistance groups to go for a 24-hour humanitarian truce to begin Sunday at 2:00 p.m.,” Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said in a Facebook post.

Earlier on Sunday morning, Israel announced the previous truce was no longer effective, after claims of alleged Hamas rockets fired into Tel Aviv and other areas in southern Israel during what was considered to be a 12-hour lull.

The ceasefire was agreed upon during a diplomats meeting on the situation in Gaza held in Paris on Saturday, with the presence of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, along with the foreign ministers of Qatar, Turkey, France, Britain and Germany.

“All of us call on the parties to extend the humanitarian ceasefire that is currently under way,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said after the meeting on Sunday, according to AFP.

The meeting concluded that an extension of a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire was needed, which Israel agreed to but Hamas rejected under claims that the terms were insufficient for the Palestinian people.

There must be a real window for Israeli troops to withdraw and Palestinian victims and medics to return to destroyed lands to help the remaining injured, Hamas stated.

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