Abdullah el-Shamy travels to Kenya after his name was removed from the ban list
Reporter for Al-Jazeera Arabic Abdullah Al-shamy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Al Jazeera reporter Abdullah el-Shamy was allowed to travel from Cairo to Kenya Sunday after his name has been removed from the travel ban list, Youm7 reported.

Anonymous security sources told Youm7 that el-Shamy’s name appeared on the travel ban list and was stopped in the airport, security authorities re-checked and found that his name was listed due to an old case in which he was charged, but the charges have now been dropped.

El-Shamy was arrested 14 August 2013 during the dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in and was accused of obstruction of justice; he has been arrested for more than 10 months. He went on a 140-day hunger strike, Al Jazeera reported last June.

The Al Jazeera reporter announced that he will go on a hunger strike since last January in Tora prison, his health therefore began to deteriorate and he was visited by human rights delegations that checked on his physical condition.

The Minister of Interior denied at the beginning that Al-Shami started a hunger strike but the latter eventually recorded a video approving that he is still refraining from eating, according to Mada-Masr last June.

The ministry even published a photo of Al-Shami later with food in front of him saying that he ended his strike and started to eat regularly, but his brother Mosab denied that to Mada-Masr explaining that during a visit to el-Shamy he learned that the authorities were trying to feed him by force.

“My name is Abdullah el-Shamy, I have been alive for about a quarter of a century, 8 months of which I spent between 4 walls inside a jail cell. All my days here were identical. “Tomorrow” doesn’t exist in here as life inside never brings anything new. 80 days of my hunger strike have passed and I will not give up on my freedom. My story is not the story of one person, it’s the story of every one defending their right to write,” el-Shamy’s letter published by Mada-Masr last June read.

Al-Masry al-Youm reported last June that the attorney general approved to release Al-Shami along with 13 other activists due to their health conditions.

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