Tripoli fuel depot fire ‘out of control': Libya oil company
AFP/Mahmud Turkia

TRIPOLI:  A huge fire at a fuel depot near Tripoli’s international airport is raging “out of control,” Libyan authorities announced on Monday.

A second reservoir caught fire in a “very dangerous” development following an oil tank blaze triggered by clashes around the airport.

“The situation is very dangerous after a second fire broke out at another petroleum depot,” the government said, warning of a “disaster with unforeseeable consequences.”

Firefighters had been battling to get the fire under control but ongoing clashes repeatedly forced them to flee the area.

A spokesman for the National Oil Company said: “The firefighters have now left the scene. The situation is out of control.”

The government urged residents “living within a three-kilometer radius of the scene (of the fire) to leave their homes immediately.”

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