13 cases of harassment during first day of Eid: I Saw Harassment:
I Saw Harassment logo - Photo courtesy of I Saw Harassment official Facebook page

CAIRO: The I Saw Harassment campaign witnessed and stopped 13 sexual assaults in Cairo on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, the group announced Monday evening.

According to the statement, three cases of sexual harassment were in Talaat Harb Square, downtown Cairo in the early afternoon.

“A decrease in the number of on-their-own girls coincided with a notable increase in the number of teenagers in downtown Cairo during the early afternoon hours of the Eid’s first day,” the statement said.

In 26th of July Street nearby the Supreme Court of Justice, volunteers working for I Saw Harassment campaign have monitored three sexual assault cases occurred between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. when four young girls were surrounded by a group of teenage men who attempted to touch them.

The statement praised the intensive presence of policemen from and the “Rapid Deployment Force” in downtown Cairo from the beginning of the day.

In Abdel Moniem Riyad Square nearby Tahrir Square, the campaign intervened on three other attempts of sexual harassment.

The presence of the members of the campaign was welcomed and praised by passersby in downtown Cairo while some teenagers mocked at them, the statement said.

Three mob sexual assaults were aborted in Cornish el-Nil Street in down town Cairo nearby the Egyptian museum with at least one harasser being arrested, according to the statement.

Eid celebrations in Cairo usually see escalation of sexual harassment of women on the streets and in public places.

On the Eid eve, the I Saw harassment campaign issued a statement telling women they should enjoy Eid with no fear and sending another message to Egyptian families asking them to teach their sons that there is no difference between women’s and men’s rights, and finally a third message directed at the harassers themselves describes their actions as “crimes” and “twisted behavior.”

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