Prosecutor general sends Ismailia prison officers to jail for corruption
Attorney General HishamBarakat - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: Prosecutor general Hisham Barakat ordered Wednesday the jailing of the chief of (Al-Mostakbal) prison and his deputy along with 7 other police officers and guards in al-Ismailia for 15 days until investigations are done, as they are suspected of being involved in the escape of 2 dangerous prisoners who were sentenced to death, al-Tahrir reported.

The officers allegedly received bribes to help the prisoners escape, while prison guards neglected orders to inspect all cars inside the prison as they are leaving. Prosecution charged the officers with corruption and neglecting orders.

Al-Watan reported Wednesday that an anonymous judicial source explained that they will be facing charges of financial corruption, as a detailed report is to be issued within hours to clarify the whole case.

 Earlier, Mena reported that Minster of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim is preparing for the second biggest movement inside the ministry after the January 25 revolution, as the first one included the retirement of 505 major generals.

Mena added Saturday that this move is going to put to retirement a huge number of senior officers and generals inside the ministry and is to be applied during the first days of August.

Reconstructing the interior ministry and dismissing corrupted officers was one of the top listed demands of the January 25 revolution, as many police violations reportedly occurred inside jails and even outside. Khaled Saeed, who was beaten to death in Alexandria in June 2010 by Egyptian security forces that claimed that he was a drug abuser, represented an obvious example of the ministry’s corruption and is often seen as the first “flame” that lead to the revolution in January 2011.

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