Intensive efforts to evacuate Egyptians fleeing from Libya Violence
Egyptair - REUTERS

CAIRO: Egyptair’s “Boeing 777-200″ aircraft headed Wednesday to Djerba Zarzis International Airport in Tunisia to evacuate hundreds of Egyptians escaping from the fierce violence in Libya, according to Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamal, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation is coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Egyptair to retrieve stranded Egyptians in Libya, he added, pointing out that another flight will fly Thursday morning to bring other trapped Egyptians.

“The ministry’s employees are exerting all possible efforts to retrieve stranded Egyptians as fast as possible “, Kamal added, pointing out that the Ministry is Coordinating with the Tunisian authorities to facilitate the evacuation.

Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs Monji Al Hamdy announced Wednesday that the Tunisian authorities will close its borders with Libya in case of further escalation due to the ongoing violence in Libya, MENA reported Wednesday.

Monji called on the necessity of holding a meeting that brings the ministers of foreign affairs of Libya’s neighboring countries to discuss solutions of the fierce violence in Libya nowadays.

The violence in Libya is mainly between rival militias, namely, between troops affiliated with the government and insurgent militias describing themselves as revolutionaries.

Twenty-three Egyptian workers were killed (July 27) after a grad rocket struck their house in Tripoli.

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