Damietta churches prohibit communion for women in trousers
Bishop Bishoy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Women in Damietta are forbidden from receiving communion if they are wearing trousers or make-up, according to new rules issued by Bishop Bishoy of Damietta, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The churches put signs on their walls stating that all girls should wear “decent” and not tight clothes during communion, adding that this condition must be applied to all girls over 11 years old.

Christian women in Egypt commonly wear trousers, as “no firm instructions were announced before concerning women’s clothes during religious rituals besides being decent” Mariam, a Christian Egyptian, told The Cairo Post.

She said that a huge part of the Christian religion is freedom of choice; “no obligations should be applied on women, especially concerning communion which represents a very important part of Christian rituals.”

“Banning us from communion, well, that’s a huge issue.This is not our religion” Mariam said. The official spokesperson for the Orthodox Church, Pastor Boles Halim told Al-Ahram Thursday that every Bishop has the right to manage his Archbishopric as he sees fit as long as it doesn’t conflict with the church’s principals.

Concerning Bishop Bishoy’s orders, he said Bishoy only wants Christian women to do this inside the church, not in their daily lives.

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