Security forces shaken by 2 jailbreak attempts
Egyptian Security forces - YOUM7/Mahmoud Hefnawy (Archive)

CAIRO: Security forces stopped an escape attempt in Bagor Police Station jail in Menoufia after prisoners started screaming, knocking on cell doors and starting fires inside the jail, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The prisoners reportedly used cooking utensils to bang on the doors.

Many of the prisoners were moved away from Menoufia jail after the incident, and Menoufia Security Director Maj. Gen. Saaed Abu Hamad ordered an open investigation to determine which prisoners provoked the escape attempt, Youm7 added.

In related news, two prisoners sentenced to death succeeded in escaping Al-Mostakbal Prison in Ismailia. Attorney General Hisham Barakat Wednesday ordered the jailing of the chief of the prison and his deputy for their alleged involvement in the escape, Al-Tahrir reported.

Al-Tahrir reported the prison failed to inspect cars inside the prison as they were leaving and took bribes to allow the prisoners to escape.

In response, the Ministry of Interior Thursday ordered a shakeup and reassignment of a number of high-ranking officers. Five-hundred and eighteen major generals, colonels and brigadier generals were reportedly dismissed from their jobs.

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