Parliament to discuss potential space agency: frm science advisor
Essam Hegy - YOUM7/Essam Elshamy

Cairo: The coming parliament will discuss a project to construct an Egyptian space agency, which is currently under review by President Sisi, Essam Hegy, scientific advisor to former president Adly Mansour told Youm7 Sunday.

“Egypt actually needs a space agency to face different power and economic crises,” said Hegy, adding “Establishing this agency won’t be for any kind of welfare, as its first target is to achieve the state’s needs of water and food, and to develop the Egyptian experiences in this field.“

Egypt launched last April EgySat Satellite through the Russian Space Agency. In 2007 Egypt launched Egypt Sat 1, but it was lost in space in 2010. Egypt Sat 2 was suspended by the Ahmed Nazif government in 2010; due to political tension leading up to the January 25 Revolution.

The United Arab Emirates has also announced plans to establish a space agency, aiming to send the first Arab unmanned probe to Mars by 2021 Al Jazeera reported last July.

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