Moussa withdraws from National Alliance, will not run for Parliament
Amr Moussa - YOUM7/Dina Romeiah

CAIRO: Former Secretary General of the Arab League and 50-member committee chairman Amr Moussa decided to withdraw Monday from the Egyptian National Alliance, and announced he will not run in parliamentary elections, according to a statement by his spokesman Ahmed Kamel.  

The Egyptian National Alliance, a bloc of likeminded parties, was formed by Moussa earlier this year with the goal of winning a parliamentary majority.

“The group formed by the alliance to run in the next parliamentary elections must be adjourned until political parties review their role about this national mission,” said Moussa in a statement. “This delay will give the alliance the required space to tackle the current political fragmentation in the country.”

Kamel quoted Moussa as saying “a number of difficulties, sensitivities, narrow-minded maneuvers and attempts to exclude other factions,” were behind his decision to withdraw.

Previously, activists and Moussa supporters launched a popular campaign on social media to call on Moussa to run in the upcoming parliamentary election so he could be elected the head of the new legislative body. The “Bi El Al Amr, Amr” (Order Amr) campaign started by launching events in 10 governorates.

“We are asking you kindly to run in the coming parliamentary election, as we trust your wisdom and that you can lead in the next stage. We believe you can get rid of corruption and its influence left by the former regime,” the “Bi El Al Amr, Amr” campaign said in a July statement.

The Egyptian National Alliance included the liberal Wafd Party, the leftist Tagammu Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Reform and Development Party, the Geel (Generation) Party and the Conservative Party.

The parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held by the end of the year.

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