Cairo street vendors to be given permanent stalls at Torgoman
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CAIRO: The street vendors who hawk their wares in downtown Cairo’s streets will be relocated into a specific site, Cairo Governor Galal Saeed said during a Tuesday press conference.

The governor explained that the relocation will be divided into three stages. The total size of the new location is expected to be around 1,740 meters square with each stage being about 550 meters square, according to Youm7.

Saeed added during the press conference that the phases of relocation will be successive and the first phase to relocate street vendors from downtown Cairo will begin in three days.

He clarified that the prime minister had stressed the importance of considering the social aspect of the street vendors after the cabinet held series of meetings on the matter with the ministries of Interior, Investment and others.

The vendors will be relocated to Torgoman Garage, and the governor said that after the relocation process is done the whole downtown area will be developed, including improvements to sidewalks and buildings fronts.

Saeed said the governorate will establish police and fire stations to serve the area, according to Youm7, and expressed his hope that the relocation will provide a better source of living for the vendors while taking public interest into account.

Around 1,200 street vendors are expected to be transferred to the new location, Egynews reported Tuesday, to ensure providing them with a proper source of income while protecting the image of Cairo.

The governor said in press statements that Torgoman will have four housing units for the vendors, according to al-Bawabh News, and the area will be provided with security and cleaning companies.

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