Journalists at Press Syndicate protest Israeli actions in Gaza
Journalists at Press Syndicate protest IIsrael's military offensive in Gaza Tuesday - YOUM7/Ahmed Maarouf

CAIRO: Dozens of journalists, including Press Syndicate head Diaa Rashwan, gathered Tuesday on the steps of the syndicate to protest Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, an eyewitness told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

Protestors—including members of the syndicate and the General Federation of Arab Journalists—chanted slogans against Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip, calling them “war crimes.”

A number of slogans were chanted, including, “No to the destruction of Gaza,” and “Arab Journalists Union condemns Israel’s criminal attacks on Gaza.” Protestors raised banners with slogans like, “The syndicate announces solidarity with Palestinian journalists” and “Israeli massacres must end.”

“Oh Arabs, where are your armies? Gaza is being destroyed,” participants chanted during the protest.

Rashwan told The Cairo Post Tuesday that the syndicate has supported Palestine since 1948 and will continue to do so.

Rashwan said the syndicate contacted international organizations to stop the “Zionist” aggression on the Gaza Strip and said he further called on the international community to play a greater role in the protection of journalists assigned to cover events in Gaza.

“Egypt is seeking to save Gaza as well as to create a real solution to the crisis there,” said Rashwan, who added that the Egyptian people have always “stood next to their Palestinian brothers and the Palestinian cause.”

In 2013, an Egyptian delegation, which included three syndicate board members, travelled to join the Palestinian Press Syndicate on the anniversary of the 1988 Palestinian Declaration of Independence.

The Press Syndicate since the 1980s has passed resolutions banning any professional or personal normalization with Israel.

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