Politicians welcome Suez Canal Axis project, Twitter less sure
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi speaking at the inauguration - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egyptians across the political spectrum have welcomed the government’s decision to establish the Suez Canal Axis project, which will create a second canal parallel to Suez. The project was initiated Tuesday, with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi speaking at the inauguration.

The project is a “huge and significant” national project, Youm7 reported former Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri as saying.

The Conservative Party welcomed Sisi’s speech during the opening and praised his demand to finish the project within a year – despite studies which indicate the project should take 3-5 years – as well as standing for a minute of silence to remember the souls of thousands of Egyptians who died while digging the canal in the 19th century.

Egyptian Social Democratic Party head Mohamed Abou el-Ghar praised President Sisi’s statements about the Suez Canal Axis development project. He emphasized it is a step on the right track and added that the project must be financed and established by Egyptians.

Former Prime Minister Ali Lotfy said that the project is huge and will bring many benefits. He said Egypt’s revenue from the Suez Canal will increase due to the increase in ships passing through the new channel.

Lotfy added to Youm7 that the project will include building land and cities beside the canal, which will contribute to solving the Egyptian economic crisis.

Twitter users also chimed in on the project, started a hashtag that translates to, “Suez_Canal_Axis.” Some users were supportive of the project, some were not and others demanded the Armed Forces to supervise the project.

“Remember the opposition’s stance that refuses the project, because after it succeeds they will say it is basically successful[SHCP1] ,” Sameh al-Khatary tweeted.

“The project must be directly supervised by the Egyptian Armed Forces so that the people will not worry,” Kareem Ali tweeted.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Arafa, Rofaida Awadeen and Zaki al-Qady.

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