18 villages in Minya suffer power outages after militants attack power station
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Unknown militants in Minya threw Molotov Cocktails into two power stations Friday morning, causing power outage in 18 villages, Youm7 reported.

Head of Minya Directorate Osama Metwaly received a notice from Malawy City police station about a number of militants riding a motorcycle and threw Molotov Cocktails bottles on the power station on Thanawya Square, which caught on fire, according to Youm7.

Citizens were able to put out the fire but 18 villages now suffer power outages. Security said that a maintenance unit team was tasked to fix the breakdowns as soon as possible.

Egypt has been suffering an energy crisis for more than a year since ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s regime with daily power cuts that lasted hours. When President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi was elected along with a new government, the situation did not improve since the Ministry of Electricity tended to frequently cut off power to reduce the load on electrical networks.

Additional reporting by Hassan Abdu Ghafar.

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