36 books burnt in Hurghada for ‘promoting’ MB
Egyptian Security forces - YOUM7/Mahmoud Hefnawy (Archive)

CAIRO: Hurghada Security forces burnt Friday 36 books that were found at Egypt’s Public Library, as their content was allegedly promoting Muslim Brotherhood thoughts, reported state-run Al-Ahram.

After discovering the presence of the books, which were purchased by the library in 2012, governor of the Red Sea governorate Ahmed Abdullah formed a “legal committee to burn the books,” Al-Ahram reported.

The library in question, however, has denied knowledge of the incident.

Al-Ahram also reported Friday that the books’ contents were promoting the approach of the Brotherhood, and included the titles “The Brotherhood in Egypt’s Rule,” “The Turkish Experience” and “Hassan el-Banna: Quran Walking on Earth.”

Kamal el-Helbawy, a Brotherhood dissident, told The Cairo Post Saturday that he is against burning books “because they are considered heritage,” unless they promote for violence, making bombs, killing civilians or army and witchcraft and sorcery.

El-Helbawy added that he thinks the act of burning books is “uncivilized,” commenting that “if certain books contain mistakes, they can be countered in other books rather than being burned.”

Asking him about the book “Hassan el-Banna: Quran walking on earth,” El-Helbawy said, “From my point of view, as I read this book, I do not think it is promoting violence.”

Security agencies intensified a crackdown against the Brotherhood organization, after it was officially designated as a terrorist group in Dec. 25, 2013, where all members or sympathizers to the group could face charges of belonging to a terrorist group. The designation came a day following a bombing attack at the Dakahlia Directorate, leaving 15 dead and hundreds injured.

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