MB supporters launch Egyptian Revolutionary Council
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CAIRO: A group of Egyptian expatriates, including public figures, have declared on Friday founding the “Egyptian Revolutionary Council.”

The announcement was in a press conference held in Turkey.

They said the ERC would be a new entity resisting the “July 3 military coup” and realizing January 25 Revolution’s aims portrayed in “bread, freedom, social justice and dignity.”

The ERC is for all political forces and individuals abroad whatever their political and ideological backgrounds are to warm up in resisting the “coup” and achieving the “January 25 aims,” the establishment’s statement said.

On July 3, the army removed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, after millions took to the street demanding Morsi’s resignation after he attempted to extend his power.

The announcement of the ERC came in light of approaching the first anniversary of dispersing the Muslim Brotherhood’s sit-in in Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahada squares by security forces on Aug. 14 causing the death of hundreds.

The ERC does not replace the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy, said Maha Azzam, the head and the spokesperson of the new anti-coup entity, in an interview with Qatari Al-Jazeera Musbashar on Friday, clarifying the ERC’s roles is addressing the European community which is not possible for the NCSL to do.

She said they would sue Egypt in international courts, confirming at the same time that Morsi is the legitimate president of Egypt.

“The Egyptian Revolutionary Council asserts the right of all Egyptians to refuse tyranny, injustice and the terrorism carried out by the military state,” read the statement.

“Uniting all revolutionary forces and youth, mobilizing international support, realizing the January 25 Revolution aims, dismantling the corrupt institution and establishing equal citizenship, justice, freedom and human dignity,” the ERC listed its goals as being such, calling on world governments to support them.

The NCSL welcomed the move in a statement released Friday, adding they encourage any honest efforts from in and outside Egypt against the “coup” and realizing the revolution’s aims.

Azzam further added that MB members represent less than 20 percent in the council, adding the council includes all ideological and intellectual colors such as liberals, seculars and leftists.

The establishment’s statement pointed out that there are three underway bureaus for overseeing the political aspects of the council and international relations, for documenting crimes and violations committed after Morsi’s ouster and for communicating with media outlets.

This entity differs from other entities that were declared after the June 30 revolution, she said, calling on all Egyptian expatriates to unite in order to topple the “military coup.”

In a brief statement to The Cairo Post on Saturday, MB dissident Kamal el Helbawy said the new council would fail like other initiatives proposed to support the MB have failed.

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