Egypt establishes kidney center in Ethiopia
Health Minister Adel al-Adawy - YOUM7/Amr Mostafa

CAIRO: Egyptian Minister of Health Adel Adawy announced establishing an Egyptian-Ethiopian kidney center in Ethiopia at a press conference Saturday at the ministry headquarters in the presence of the Ambassadors of both countries and an Ethiopian medical team, Youm7 reported.

Adawy said the kidney center in Saint Paul’s Hospital in Addis Ababa cost 1.2 million EGP ($168,000) and was financed by the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA), Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

He said the center is a necessity and will positively impact the Ethiopian people for there are no kidney dialysis machines in their government hospitals.

While welcoming an Ethiopian medical team to receive training at Egypt’s ministry hospitals, Adawy added that the center started operating May 2013 and has six hemodialysis appliances, a full set of German made urinary endoscopes, water treatment station, and 4,150 Egyptian made dialysis sets.

Adawy said two Egyptian urology specialists and three nurses were assigned to work at the center for six months.

“After the center was inaugurated, Saint Paul’s Hospital continued contacting Egypt for medical consultations regarding some obstacles and for Ethiopian physicians to be trained,” Adawy said.

“Saint Paul’s Hospital requested in February to expanding the center by adding 12 kidney dialysis machines from Egypt on the condition that the Ethiopian government incur the expenses of the equipment,” he added.

A team of Egyptian cardiology professors will be sent to operate cardiology centers in Ethiopia until the training of Ethiopian teams is complete. Three convoys will be sent to Ethiopia annually to operate on difficult heart surgeries.

An Ethiopian medical team of 16 doctors and nurses reached Cairo Wednesday to receive training, MENA reported.

In the framework of cooperation between Egypt and Ethiopia in the medical field, an Egyptian intensive care unit for cardiac surgery was inaugurated late July at Black Lion Hospital in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on July 26.

Renowned Egyptian-born British heart surgeon Magdi Yacoub, Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia Mohamed Idris, and members of the Ethiopian Parliament attended the opening.

Yacoub, who received the Order of Merit from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in June said, “this cooperation will continue and evolve to provide high-level medical service to Ethiopian citizens and save the lives of Ethiopian children and brothers who suffer heart diseases.”

Additional reporting by Dana al-Hadidi.

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