Sisi visits Saudi, given honorary alliance medal
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi - YOUM7

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi visited Saudi Arabia and met with King Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Soud Sunday to discuss issues in the region including Gaza, Syria, and Libya, according to Youm7 Monday.

This is the second meeting between Sisi and King Abdullah and many politicians and political figures believe it as an indicator that Egyptian-Saudi relations are strong.

“The Saudi situation after the June 30 Demonstrations was courageous and honorable and this visit obviously indicates the upcoming coordination between both states,”  former Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Al-Orabi told Al-Hadas Al-Masry television show Sunday, “especially since there were conspiracy theories recently throughout the Arab region.”

He said all the events and crises in the region now is due to the lack of a unified Arab vision but Egypt and Saudi Arabia could play a big role in the upcoming period concerning the risks in Arab states.

King Abdullah Abdulaziz gave Sisi a ‘King Abdulaziz Medal’ usually given to presidents and kings who are allies of the kingdom.

Saudi Minister Foreign Affairs Seoud Al-Faisal said a statement Monday that the meeting was essential during this stage and Arab states need more solidarity and alliance to respond to external aggression: “It is our duty to do something for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and other Arab countries that suffer.”

Faisal told Saudi press that King Abdullah’s suggestion of establishing an international center to confront ‘terrorist” was agreed upon by Sisi. They are now co-coordinating right on how they will establish the center to be effective in the region.

Sisi will return to Cairo Monday afternoon, according to ONA news agency and anonymous sources inside the airport told them that they are preparing for his arrival.

Egyptian-Saudi relations have been positive recently, according to media sources, especially after June 30; the kingdom supported Egypt and announced the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist” group, which should be legally and internationally banned.

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