“Tutankhamun and the golden age of the Pharaohs” in Japan for a year
Tutankhamun and the golden exhibition - YOUM7 (Archie)

CAIRO: A yearlong exhibition of Egyptian ancient artifacts will be hosted in Japan starting September, Ministry of Antiquities announced Wednesday.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities agreed yesterday in a session headed by Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh el-Damaty on the request presented from Japan to host the fair, which will be titled “Tutankhamun and the golden age of the Pharaohs.”

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Bakr, Former Head of the Antiquities Authority, told The Cairo Post “antiquities exhibitions organized abroad play a vital role in promoting tourism and building important cultural ties between Egypt and other countries.”

He added that officials take the necessary measures to protect and secure antiquities during transportation from Egyptian museums to other capitals of the world, indicating that authorities assign employees to go with the exhibitions to secure the monuments from attempts of forging them, stealing them or damaging them.

Bakr pointed out that there is no current permanent exhibition of Egyptian antiquities abroad, saying that there are only mobile and temporary fairs, and that the artifacts will be restored to museums and their original places of display in Egypt, indicating that when the artifacts are outside the country, their places in museums are reserved until their return with a note saying where the monument is.

Former Head of the Antiquities Authority said “abroad exhibitions are usually organized in Japan, United States, France, Germany and other countries, and benefits Egypt with millions of dollars that are used in different fields, including antiquity reconstruction.”

The exhibition will be under the supervision of the Japanese government and Damaty said that it will include 124 historical pieces, and their insurance value is estimated at more than $770million.

According to the minister’s statements, Egypt will receive a percentage of the exhibition’s tickets and 10 percent of the total sales of the monumental models that will be sold on the sideline of the fair.

Egyptian archeologists and experts in the field of antiquity reconstruction will accompany the fair to follow up on the procedures of transportation and showcasing of the ancient artifacts.

General secretary of the council Mostafa el-Amin said in a press release that these kinds of fairs organized abroad are considered a chance to revive the economy, especially during the current decrease in tourism rates.

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