Algerian opens borders to Egyptians fleeing Libya
Egyptians fleeing Libya - REUTERS

CAIRO: Algeria has opened its borders with Libya exclusively for Egyptian nationals to flee the violence in Libya, having let over 1521 Egyptians enter its territory through al-Debdab crossing in the past three days, Algerian newspaper Echorouk Online reported Wednesday.

The step comes at a request from the Egyptian administration, which has sent planes to deport its citizens from Aménas or Hassi Messaoud Airport, according to Echorouk Online.

The majority of foreigners, as well as Libyan nationals, have attempted to escape from the chaos through the Tunisian crossing Ras Jadir, causing it to be over-pressured with refugees. Algeria closed its borders with Libya this May.

Egypt has evacuated thousands of its nationals from Tunisia by air and sea.

A group of Egyptians attempted to storm across the border with Libya on Aug. 1 after a long wait at the Ras Jadir crossing but Tunisian guards shot into the air and fired tear gas bombs to stop them, reported Reuters.

On July 31, Libyan guards killed two Egyptians on the Libyan side of the border as they tried to cross into Tunisia.

Libya is experiencing fierce battles between rival militias, namely between troops affiliated with the government and insurgent militias claiming to be revolutionaries.

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