FEDCOC calls to limit ration on oil, sugar: report
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CAIRO: The Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce (FEDCOC) issued a report Thursday calling for Minister of Supply Khalid Hanafi to limit the current Supply Commodities on Sugar and Oil only since they are the most needed and consumed commodities by Egyptian citizens, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

The report criticized the current system of supply. “Egyptian citizens do not need most of the recently-added commodities,” according to the report and that the current supply system is facing harsh problems in distributions, transportation, and storing.

Limiting the supply on rice and oil could help provide a tangible part of the citizens’ needs since “they are considered basic commodities for families.” It would also be easier to transport and distribute.

“Stipulating 15 EGP for every person is not enough when they must choose between 20 different items of goods,” FEDCOC said and that distributing the ration on 20 items could negatively impact the offered quantities.

Starting in July, Egypt’s Ministry of Supply applied a new system of primary commodities distribution. It increased subsidized goods for citizens from three items in its old ration card system – sugar, oil, and rice – to 20 items, Al-Borsa Business daily reported July 2.

“In the new ration card system, people are allowed to choose from a wide range of commodities including milk, fruits, and vegetables according to each family’s needs with a total value up to 15 EGP per person per month,” Al Borsa Business quoted Hanafy as saying.

Egypt’s new ration card system faced several problems, including tardiness of delivery of commodities, shortage of supplied quantities, and lack of refrigerators to preserve the subsidized commodities, Youm7 reported on July 23.

In the 2014-15 Fiscal Year budget the Ministry of Finance kept 13.5 billion EGP for subsidizing commodities in its new ration card system and that 66.7 million people will benefit from the new system through 18.9 million ration cards, Akhbar Al-Youm reported on July 3.

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