French Press Review: Holland trapped over Obama retreat on Syria

Western intervention in Syria was the main story in most French newspapers today. The media situation reflected an opposition to the assault against Damascus, despite  governmental approval.

Le Figaro said this week seems to be extremely complicated for French head of state Francois Hollande, who wants to attack Assad without any delay; Hollande was forced to delay the attack after Barak Obama’s decision  Saturday to consult Congress and suspend and attack until 9 September.

On the internal front, Holland faces an increasing challenges from the opposition, which is calling for a vote in Parliament and not just the simple debate initially scheduled for Tuesday.

Le Figaro reported that 86 percent of the French people support a vote in parliament about intervention in Syria. It also said the French people believe the opposition’s demands for a vote on intervention in Syria are a “screen” to hide internal divisions.

Le Monde published an interview with Jean-Francois Cope, president of the UMP, who condemned the government’s management of the Syrian crisis and asked Holland “not to follow Obama.”

The French paper said that by engaging French forces in the military operation and the enmity of the public opinion, Holland is trying to prove that France has not lost its sovereignty.

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