Press Review : Aug 16



Algeria opens its borders with Libya to accept Egyptians fleeing violence in Libya while arrivals through Sallum crossing border increased to 140,000 since July.

MB prominent leaderAmrDarag admits that Sisi upheld a peaceful solution to disperse Rabaa sit-in but the MB group refused.

Buses to connect Cairo with the new cities

The finance ministry agrees on maintaining 400 rickety bridges.

Al-Masry Al-Youm

AL-Masry Al Youm

At least three were killed and dozens wereinjured in clashes between pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forcesthat took place on Friday, the day after the first anniversary of Rabaa and Nahda dispersals.

Former head of the Egyptian intelligence body MoradMowafy said in his secret testimony in the case known as “the trial of the century” which charges Mubarak of killing January 25 peaceful protesters that Mohamed El-Baradei led the youth to the revolution and then implemented “foreign agendas”.

Tight security measures to secure the prime minister and seven other ministers in their visit to South Sinai today.

Confrontations between the army and takfiris in North Sinai and four tunnels have been destroyed.

Tunisian Rashid al-Ghannushi, head of Al Nahda Party, said that the dispersal of Rabaa sit-in is “a black dot” in Egypt’s history and what is taking place against the security is “terrorism.”



The three Egyptian general banks: Al Ahly, Egypt and Cairo banks would issue investment certificates for the Suez Canal after 10 days, in denominations of 10,100 and 1000 EGP per certificate, with a five-year duration for each certificate and with an annual interest valued at 12 percent to be disbursed every three months.

Pumping 120 million cubic feet of gas to solve the power-cut problem.

Plan to reclaim 10 million acres with Saudi investments.

American News Week’s correspondent MagedAttefsays he will report the Human Rights Watch because it falsified his testimony.

The Minister of Interior forms a committee to study alleged “Helwan Brigades” video.


Al Shorouq

Five killed in clashes between pro-MB protesters and security forces in Giza

Shorouq penetrates Egyptians’ ranks in ISIS

The government studies tightening the punishment for sabotaging electricity facilities

The universities supreme council considers applying the protest law inside campuses


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